Crackle Agate Protection Friendship Bracelet

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Friendship bracelets never go out of style.  They are the perfect gift item, simple and representative of your friendship and that special connection you share.  A great way to share a bond with someone that you may or may not get to see daily, but the bracelet is a reminder that there is someone out there that you are bonded with.

Crackle Agate is a fiercly protective stone that stimulates vitality and creativity. It is a balancer of emotions on all levels.

The main reason friendship bracelets are as popular today as they have been since their inception is that because friendship is important.  We grow, laugh, learn, cry, and enrich our lives with the times we spend with friends.    What nicer way to express your connection that with a friendship bracelet.

These bracelets are hand made by a skilled artisan crafted from natural products, each and every piece of jewelry will be unique. 

This style comes in two sizes:
Men Size approx. 7.3 inches  {19.5cm} (adjustable)
Women Size approx. 6.7 inches {17cm} (adjustable)

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Crackle Agate Protection Friendship Bracelet
Crackle Agate Protection Friendship Bracelet