Bohemian Sunstone Energy Cuff Bracelet

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Our unique cuff bracets are one of our most popular items. This Bohemian style cuff bracelet is all about expressing your unique free spirited personality.

Sunstone is a joy-inspiring gemstone that instills positivity and happiness into your life. Much like the sun, this stone is often yellow to orange in color sometimes with gold flecks in it that make it sparkle. It’s also always been regarded as a stone of good luck, abundance, and longevity. Sunstone fuels you with energy and strength when you need it most. 

Transformational Labradorite is a mystical and colorful stone that is compared to the Aurora Borealis because of how different colors shine when it’s placed under light. 

All the bracelets styles features a variety of natural gemstones and the bracelets are hand crafted by skilled artisans, making each one unique.  The cuff bracelet has a slip through closure system with an attractive metal button.

Wearing gemstones in jewelry has become extremely popular .
It is well known that gemstone jewelry has been recognized for thousands of years.
This coupled with the natural beauty of gemstones makes this something that you not only want to wear yourself, but to also give as gifts to people you care about.

  • Natural Stones: Sunstone, Labradorite, Natural Leather, Zinc Alloy
  • Size:  Approximately 6.7 inches (17-17.5cm)
Bohemian Sunstone Energy Cuff Bracelet
Bohemian Sunstone Energy Cuff Bracelet